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Driving - please remember we drive on the proper side of the road - the left hand side! New Zealand roads generally have light traffic away from cities. Most roads are good and well signed, however there are may roads in remoter unspoiled wilderness areas which are unsealed gravel. Speed limits are 100kph (~63mph) on freeways and main roads and 50kph (~31mph) in towns although the traffic may flow at a higher speed. On freeways, the slower traffic is encouraged to keep to the left but passing on the left on a laned freeway is permitted. It is not permitted to hitch-hike or cycle on the side of the freeways. Speed cameras, radar guns and laser speed detection devices are widely used by the Police in traffic enforcement and drink/driving regulations are strict with the police have a policy of random roadside checks in all areas especially at night.

Emergency services - Police, ambulance & fire - Dial 111.

Entry - You need a passport valid with for 3 months after your departure date, fully paid tickets for your return and sufficient funds to keep you while in New Zealand. You need no vaccination certificates and no visa if you do not intend to work. During your stay in New Zealand you are covered by Accident Compensation for any accidents including free medical care but in exchange you forgo the right of legal action against other parties.

Electricity in New Zealand is 230 volts so North American 110volt items should not be used. The exception being electric shavers for which hotels provide special outlets. For those visitors from '230volt countries' adapters to fit local sockets can easily be purchased.

Fishing - New Zealand's unpolluted rivers and lakes and clean unspoilt coastline make it a fisherman's dream! Trout, salmon and perch have been introduced and New Zealand has some of the best fly fishing in the world.. A trout fishing licence is required and can be purchased locally for the day or period required. Big game fishing for tuna, shark and marlin is particularly good off North Island's Pacific coast. Sea fishing from both coast and boat are popular. Lake Taupo is famous for it's trout fishing though many lakes and rivers around New Zealand are well stocked with brown and rainbow trout. The best time for salmon fishing in the rivers of the Southern Alps is late summer (January-March). Licences are available from local fishing tackle shops and experienced fishing guides can be easily hired. 
The Bay of Islands is world famous for big game fishing with the Marlin season February to April. Fishing is also excellent for Snapper, Kingfish and other popular varieties. Options range from surfcasting from Tapeka Point to day fishing expeditions and charters.

Flights - Most international flights operate in and out of Auckland and Christchurch, with lesser frequency to and from Hamilton, Wellington, Dunedin and Invercargill. All major towns have airports with frequent internal flights by Air New Zealand, Qantas and Impulse. The Bay of Islands is serviced by daily flights from Auckland to nearby Kerikeri. Shuttles and taxis operate to Paihia with the passenger ferry the best connection to Russell and Tapeka. Daily direct flights from Los Angeles to Auckland are operated by Air New Zealand and Qantas. The 12 hour overnight flight is more enjoyable than flying coast to coast. Numerous other carriers operate into New Zealand from Australia and Asia.

Golf - New Zealand has more golf-courses per head than any other country in the world - approximately 400! And most golf clubs welcome guests. With New Zealand's temperate climate, golf is a year round sport. Many of the courses are situated in impressive scenery and often offer unique obstacles to the round such as hot mud pools or sheep. Even Tiger Woods has found time to play tournaments here in 2001.

Internet Connections. Internet cafes and WiFi hot spots can be found in all the major cities as well as many of the smaller towns. Tapeka Del Mar has free high speed wireless Internet access available.

Medical Care. - New Zealand has fully equipped - modern hospitals in all cities and specialist (cardiac, women’s, children) hospitals in the major cities. Medical practitioners can be found in every town as well as the local ambulance service. Pharmacies are wide spread and two or three can be found in every town. During summer sun protection is highly recommended.

Money - The New Zealand dollar is worth around 75 US cents. ATM machines are widespread and international credit cards widely accepted. Banks open 930-430, Monday-Friday. Hotels and larger shops will accept travelers cheques. One NZ dollar will buy the equivalent in NZ and one US dollar in the US.

Shopping - New Zealand is a modern country where of course all the necessities of life can be bought locally. For the tourist or vacation visitor to New Zealand, local crafts offer the best choice for gifts and souvenirs. You will be spoilt for choice. Handicrafts can be bought in souvenir shops or directly from the artist's studios. Pottery and woodcarvings are widely available. In particular, exquisite traditional Maori woodcarvings should be looked at. Other crafts such as jewellery, hand-weaving, glassware and bone carvings can found easily. Jewellery is often made from paua shell or greenstone. Sheepskin, leather and other outdoor clothing are well worth looking at. In particular, nobody should leave New Zealand without a genuine rugby shirt! New Zealand food and drink certainly shouldn't be overlooked - fine wines, cheeses and wonderful honey. With regard to tax, all goods are subject to 12.5% GST (Goods and Services Tax). The marked price always includes this tax. In normal outlets tourists must pay GST unless the shop agrees to export the item directly to you home address in which case GST will not be charged on goods or carriage. Having souvenirs shipped directly home also has the big advantage of saving you carrying them for the rest of your vacation and on the plane home! In major towns there are specific duty free stores offering souvenirs, tobacco, drinks and perfumes. To shop in these you will need to have your air ticket and passport. The shop then arranges for you collect them at the airport on departure.

Telephone and Cellular phones. New Zealand modern telecommunications with pay phones accepting credit or phone cards. Three Cellular networks covers all the major towns and cities and main highway areas. Countries using GSM cellular will be able to roam in New Zealand. Check with your cellular provider before leaving.

Tipping is not expected for service anywhere. For exceptional service the tourist may feel it appropriate for Taxis and restaurants.

Transport - Our generally rugged terrain in the centre of both Islands has led to most road and rail development being around the coasts. With our low population densities away from the main cities, New Zealand has only around 150Km / 90miles of freeway or motorway but almost 95000 km / 60000 miles of sealed rural main roads. We also have some 4000 km / 2100 miles of railway network with passenger trains covering the scenic routes as well as between the major cities. An excellent bus service also travels between the provincial towns and cities. Passenger, vehicle and rail ferries operate between the North and South Island several times a day and are rarely disrupted by weather

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Drinking Water from the tap is safe to drink everywhere although bottled, mineral and purified water is freely available at most convenience stores.


Attention Americans  

New Zealand has a reputation for being clean and green with a large variety of scenery and attractions. With no nuclear power or weapons, minimal terrorist threat and unarmed police, the country is very safe. Daily overnight direct flights from LAX and SFO by Air New Zealand / United code share and Qantas have you in Auckland in no time. Soon United will be flying the new Boeing 787 non stop to Auckland from Houston, Texas. Many VIP's have stayed at the house in total privacy away from the crowds and security risks. Come visit us soon.



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